Receive infinity within the protocols of divinity
engage into extra terrestrial databases all in an instance
whether close or by far, there exists no distance worlds away are worlds here now
ignite your awareness and allow to establish
interconectivities between your access point and the divine network annoint.

Human life is just an endless repetition
one being enters earth, one being leaves, just like they fall from trees
some seek pleasures, some seek wisdom, while others seek degrees
Some are here to follow others,
and some are here to lead their sisters and brothers
Some are selfless and some are selfish
yet in the future some may be born naturally
and some may be born in a petri dish
Sci fi bridging itself into what we call reality
accepting in the end that all is evolving itself into what it was actually meant to be
on earthly grounds to distant galaxies.

Ancient lights from distant stars
do you know where you are from and where you really are
Earth, a mere dot out in space representing the human race
Ego being a useless concept, when everything is all really ONE
and the fact that the ONE could not really breed without the help of the sun
an extension of divinity, and helping to breed life from the beginning to the end
engaging all into continuity again and again.

Engage out of your the illusional mind maze
initiate your consciousness into a rage
break free so that you can see
the possibilities that can really be
infinity has been your guide from the beginning until the end of the life’s ride
don’t allow time to pass you by
awaken immediately upon realization of yourself
connect into all that there is and all that exists
an infinite continuity that will always persist.

enslavement of populations
inducement of human degradation
microchip agendas aimed at controlling your mind, body and soul integrations
the creation of golem from north to south, west to east, taking a bite of your
consciousness, an elite’s feast
frequencies of awakening though may be abound for those who
engage in the pursuit of seeking truths and
engage into dedications of comprehension like knowledge sleuths.

Externalize yourself from your carrier vessel and tell me what you find
that you are all and everything and not just one being and kind
you can be anything that you desire, all it takes is i.magi.nation
engaging your soul awareness beyond your body limitations
transference of infinity through divine inspirations
creating worlds into reality through artistic fascinations
life after death into a portal immortal
intertwined with time which only applies to human kind
only god having the power to press rewind
seek truth with(in) and with(out) a doubt.

True understanding comes from seeing the viewpoints of all
just like earth interconnects between summer winter spring and fall
each person born with a rhyme and a reason who contribute to reality’s seasons
the time is now to contribute your mark into this existence
choose your medium of creation and ignite the amen of motivation
shed the old, and birth the new elevating the pinnacles of human views.

Our existence is just a passive streamflow in time
life is what we experience through our human kinds
blessings are the acts that we receive through the divine
God’s database is the ultimate universal mind
connect yourself into the infinite and see what you will find
Externalize yourself from your current vessels of flesh and bone and walk in the pathways of the virtuous
so that you may sit on the consciousness thrones, from earthly grounds and into the spacetime zones.

synergies of minds, many of a-(lien) kinds
intertwined on knowledge the(vine), press rewind on time
or press pause on the cause of why all exists
or why this existence simply persists
source out your ancestral lines, engage into the binds of truth
searching all outskirts of existence like an extra sensorial sleuth,
humbleness to the eye sees existence to be
a mere dot named earth in this galaxy
and encompassed in a macroscosmic infinity.

The creator’s extensions is all that we are
yet we all eventually fall just like shooting stars
such finite beings yet with traces of infinitude
humans reach for the extensions of divine fortitude
we are merely passengers in vessels of flesh and bone
humbleness being one of the keys to life,
as true humility lies next to god’s throne
We are here to learn, and discern with the third eye
of what exists within the many spiritual spaces
from here on earth to the high up in the skies.

Time only exists when your mind persists
to abide by measurements of human creations
that the ancients have designated to populations
Remove yourself from the pathways of its controls
and engage your soul into the space realms of timeless zones.
A place where past, present, and future all exist as one.